ANOTHER WAY OF ART | Danii Kessjan | Digital Collages 

Danii Kessjan is a French native living in Germany. Having always had a strong penchant for the arts, she is a collage artist by passion, yet a translator by profession. Experimenter and artistic researcher at the same time, she has developed a unique artistic style utilising the medium of digital collage and specific layering techniques.

The artist Hannah Höch once said: “I tried everything out and never worried about artistic signature and stylistic characteristics”. Danii thinks art is the place of perfect freedom and this is the way she feels while creating her art.

Danii’s artwork reflects her fascination of the human landscape – especially the female figure. The portrayal of women is a main focus in her artwork, her collages often reflecting the subject in an introspective moment, the human spirit captured within a moment in time. Her subjects embody a timeless quality yet speak to the everyday emotions that we traverse as human beings. The transient or surreal worlds she creates allow the viewer to create his or her own inner thoughts.

“I have been fascinated, as far back as I can remember, with the subtlety of the human face and the emotions that can be conveyed in a simple gesture”, Danii says. “Within just the glance of someone’s eyes, there is a whole story waiting to be seen and translated through the hand onto image.”

Danii Kessjan is working on commission work and selling artwork through her website. Her collages are available in Giclée print on Hahnemühle FineArt paper, in A4 or A3 formats, – each print is signed.


Danii’s Statement:

“To me, the extraordinary resides in the everyday moments of life. Those moments when we stop, pay attention and feel emotions. All of us experience such moments and they transform us. These instances of human life, personal reflection and inspiration are what I’m trying to capture in my collages. Collaging is my way of being pro-active visually, to say I am aligned with the mystery of this world.”



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